ChoosingHats Chat

My buddies at made a chat room available here.

Here are the statements by them over at their site

Choosing Hats now offers an IRC channel on the Geneva IRC network (We’ve moved! Read below for details) – #choosinghats. The focus of the #choosinghats channel is identical to that of the Choosinghats  blog – to educate Christians on and promote the use of Presuppositional/Covenantal apologetics. Its purpose is not to provide a preaching platform for non-Christian faiths, nor is its purpose to offer non-Christian faiths an equal say, or equal time. If you are a member of a group that is not considered to be Biblical in light of confessional orthodoxy, please understand that you are not considered to be offering a Christian Gospel or apologetic, and are in fact a candidate for the Gospel, as well as its defense.

While we do not allow debate on the Choosing Hats blog, we allow (and welcome it) on the #choosinghats IRC channel. However, there are some rules which govern all conversation in channel, found below.

Server Details

You can gain access to #choosinghats from the Geneva IRC network. Once you are logged in, simply type “/join #choosinghats” to join our chat channel.
If you do not currently have a chat client already installed, we can recommend two – one for the Mac and one for Windows. For the Mac, Colloquy is the recommended client. For a Windows PC, we recommend mIRC. For those who are using a Chatzilla-enabled browser or Opera, just click here to be taken directly to the channel.

Channel Rules

* We consider profane, blasphemous, or vulgar statements, interjections, hostmasks, taglines, nicks and quit messages to be disrespectful – don’t use them.
* We consider any behavior that detracts from the flow of reasonable discussion including flooding, repeating, quote-spamming, rudeness, beeping, abuse of the Biblebot, messaging the ops and/or other users contrary to their wishes, as well as fallacious and/or ad hominem arguments to be disruptive. We also consider violation of the Hierarchy of Discourse (below) to be disruptive.
* We ask that all discussions take place in English, unless otherwise stipulated by a channel operator.
* We do not appreciate those who do not interact for extended periods of time. We understand that people need to step away from the computer from time to time, but don’t “park” in channel. Ops and bots are there to keep logs, and to monitor the channel. The channel bot will enforce our “no-parking” rule as we deem applicable, and exceptions are at the discretion of the channel managers.

* Hierarchy of discursive priorities:
o Disputations and/or teaching discussions between Operators and Users
o Disputations between Christians and non-Christians (distinguished by confessional orthodoxy)
o Disputations and/or teaching discussions between Christians and those who claim the name of Christ, but are heretodox.
o Smalltalk and fellowship.
o Intramural disputations and/or teaching discussions among Christians on secondary matters.
* Questions or comments about the channel’s rules and their enforcement should be directed to the channel manager via email or private message or sent by private message to a presiding channel operator, and should not be discussed in the channel.

Channel Discipline

* Initial violation of any of these rules will result in a warning.
* Further or repeated violation of a rule may result in dismissal or exclusion from the channel, subject to the discretion of the penalizing channel operator.
* A first violation may result in immediate dismissal or exclusion, at the discretion of the presiding ops.
* Ban evasion may result in your permanent exclusion from channel.
* All channel activity is logged, so the channel manager(s) may review that information at any time.
* The decisions of the channel manager are final.

Channel Owner: Brian “BKing” Knapp

Channel Managers: RazorsKiss, brigand

Ops: Chris, taco, Res, book

Enjoy your stay, and rightly divide the Word of Truth!


My nick in there is usually Resby, Res, or Resequitur. I am one of the Ops  (Channel moderators). Hope to see you there! =)




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